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Who are we

Meet Trauma Aid Hellas and our work.

“Trauma Aid Hellas” (TAH) is a non-profit mental health program, which coordinates humanitarian initiatives in Greece. The goals of “Trauma Aid Hellas”include, but they are not limited to:

  1. educating people about the repercussions of psychological trauma,
  2. teaching techniques and developing skills for professionals who live in communities with low income and underdeveloped mental health systems,
  3. offering psychological support to the victims of man-made and natural disasters.

"Trauma Aid Hellas" is part of a more extensive network, named "Trauma Aid Europe." "Trauma Aid Europe" is based on Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Trauma-Focused (CBT-TF). Both therapies are acknowledged to be effective when treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by the American Psychological Association (APA) and, more recently, in 2013, by the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2014, United Nations' Committee for non-profit organizations provided Special Consultant Recognition at Humanitarian Programs of EMDR Therapy. 

Since 2018,“Trauma Aid Hellas" began organizing educational programs for volunteers.

Specifically, they organized the"Emotional Protection Teams" program for psychological intervention after mad-made and natural disasters (fires, floods, earth wakes, accidents, terrorist attacks, pandemics, wars, etc.). The program is informed, acknowledged, and supported by the followed organizations:

  1. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Medical School, Children Psychology Clinic
  3. Unitar- United Nations Institute for Training and Research
  4. EMDR-Early Intervention
  5. EMDR-Europe 
  6. Global Initiative for Stress and Trauma Treatment 
  7. The “University of Worcester” U.K. 
  8. Trauma Aid Europe 

In 2018, TAH implemented the “Training of Trainers" program and a two-day training seminar of 50 volunteers. A team of 12 trainers (psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.) was trained. They, in turn, trained 50 citizen volunteers, some from the mental health industry and others of different professions, which can provide "Psychological First Aid," as specified by the international organizations that trained and supported TAH at their effort by helping them develop the appropriate skills for early intervention.

In 2019 TAH continued with the second wave of volunteer training with 50 new volunteers interested in contributing the appropriate help to people in need during crisis times.

The “Emotional Protection Teams” are staffed with volunteers, available during a crisis in Greece. They would be able to responsibly intervene and support people in need after a traumatic event. 

We think that in moments of crisis, a holistic approach is a key to effective quality management. In order to respond appropriately and constructively to an emergency, we must liaison with first responders and official intervention groups such as the Greek Civil Protection, Police, Municipalities, the Emergency Aid Center, the Fire Departments, etc.

Our team wants to continue training volunteers and be a part of the listed first aid teams (specializing in psychological support) to secure citizens' health and safety who might have been victims of a critical situation.

Since 2018,"TACT HELLAS" has been supporting the programs of "Trauma Aid Hellas". Each year they organize Training Circles around Psychological Trauma for Mental Health professionals. Their Scientific Director is a Certified EMDR Europe Trainer and Supervisor and she trains mental health professionals in EMDR Therapy.

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